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Assistive listening devices from Oval Window AudioFSM Loop Test Set - Essential for Measurement & Certification of Induction Loop Assistive Listening Systems 


The Field Strength Meter contained in this kit has been redesigned with a digital display and calibrated performance in conformance with the latest 60118-4: 2006 Standards (click here to read them).

(Click on the photo to view an enlarged image.)




The FSM Loop Test Set, from Oval Window Audio, is a complete induction loop test set consisting of:

  • A certified field strength meter
  • Compact disk recording of test signals
  • Dual earphones & volume control
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Blank certificates of conformity for documenting and certifying induction loop installations

Please click here to review meter details.

Every Oval Window Audio induction loop system complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Technical Standard IEC 60118-4.

Perform Listening Checks On Your Loop System

When possible, a pre-installation listening check should be made before loop installation. Sources of electrical noise interference should be identified and resolved. E-mail Oval Window Audio at info@ovalwindowaudio.com for more information pertaining to installing and calibrating induction loop systems. 

Regularly scheduled listening checks of ALL assistive listening systems are strongly recommended. Ideally, these checks should be performed before each use.

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Each FSM Induction Loop Test Set is individually tested and certified for accuracy before it is shipped to you. If you would like more information, simply e-mail us directly. One of our representatives will get back to you promptly. Just e-mail your message to info@ovalwindowaudio.com

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