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Hearing loop systems from Oval Window AudioHearing Loops in the news!

Hearing Loop Systems for Those Who Are Hard of Hearing

"Hearing loops" is a relatively new term for describing what has long been referred to as "induction loop assistive listening systems" or "audio frequency induction loop systems".

Oval Window Audio is the oldest company in North America offering a full line of hearing loop assistive listening systems manufactured in the U.S.A. Each of our hearing loop assistive listening systems is compatible with all telecoil-equipped (T-switch) hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers.

Raising Awareness About Hearing Loops

Please visit http://www.hearingloop.org for a comprehensive overview of the movement to raise awareness about Hearing Loops in the U.S.A.

The following is a list of just some of the excellent articles about hearing loops written and co-written by hearingloop.org's founder, David Myers, Ph.D. You'll find these articles at http://www.hearingloop.org/articles.htm:

  • "In the loop. Helping the growing population with hearing loss."

  • "Those who have ears to hear, let them hear."

  • "Let's loop America's worship centers."

  • "Progress toward the looping of America - and doubled hearing aid functionality."

Please browse our Web site to learn more about our hearing loop products. Or, contact us - America's oldest hearing loop company - today.

Every Oval Window Audio induction loop system complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act and Technical Standard IEC 60118-4.

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E-mail Oval Window Audio Today

You'll find detailed information regarding most of our products right here online. However, if you have any questions, simply e-mail us directly. One of our representatives will get back to you promptly. Just e-mail your message to info@ovalwindowaudio.com

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