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Induction Loop Assistive Listening Systems from Oval Window Audio Induction Loop Systems & Accessories Pricing & Ordering Information


1. Microloop III BASIC (includes #13, #37 and TV patch cords) $198.00
2.   Microloop III  (Includes #13, #18, #37, and case/ bag) $266.00 with case/bag
$227.00 without case/bag
3.   Microloop III FM (Includes #1, #18 & choice of #27 or  #28) $519.00 with case/bag
$479.00 without case/bag
4. Microloop III DUAL FM (Includes #1, #18 and #29) $669.00 with case/bag
$609.00 without case/bag
5. Portable InfoLoop (Includes built-in microphone and choice of external clip on lavaliere or table top microphone) $295.00
6.   Satellite III (Retail System includes #7, #8, #34, #42)
7.   Satellite Amplifier (alone or for bridging) $699.00


8. Induction Loop Receiver w/headphones or insert earphones
9. Rechargeable batteries for Induction Loop Receiver (9 Volt NiMH) $8.95
10. Charger for single Induction Loop Receiver $17.00
11. HLR III Receiver Charger/Storage Case (requires #9 & #10 for each receiver) $198.00
12. Headphones (replacement)  or specify SINGLE or DUAL insert earphones for #8  $16.50


13. Microloop (100') loop wire, specify black or white $12.00
14. Microloop car kit (cigarette lighter power cord, loop wire & clips) $19.00
15. Loop Pad for Microloop
16. Carrying case for Microloop/Portable InfoLoop $79.00
17. Patch cords - please specify what equipment you plan to plug into Microloop/Portable InfoLoop/Satellite Please email us


18. Choice of clip on lavaliere or table top microphone for Microloop/Portable InfoLoop $29.00
19. TM-1 Conference table microphone w/3' cord for Microloop/Portable InfoLoop $79.00
20. Y cord for adding more microphones to Portable InfoLoop/MicroLoop  $4.95
21. Extension cord (specify 10' or 25') for all Microloop/Portable InfoLoop microphones $9.95
22. Hand/Stand held condenser directional microphone & 20' cord. Specify if it's for Microloop/Portable InfoLoop/Superloop PRO $129.00
23. Microphone desk stand w/mike holder for #22 & #28 $14.95
24. Microphone floor stand w/mike holder for #22 & #28 $39.95
25. 25-foot extension cord for #22 $19.95
26. 50-foot extension cord for #22 $35.95
27. Wireless clip on lavaliere UHF microphone system
28. Wireless pass-around hand held UHF microphone system
29. DUAL wireless microphone system: please specify hand-held or lavaliere
30. Carrying case for wireless microphone system
31. Rechargeable NiMH Batteries for wireless microphones
Please email us
32. Conference table PZM microphone & 20' cord for Satellite III System $295.00
33. Head worn microphone for Microloop/Portable InfoLoop  $49.95



34. 250 feet two conductor 14 gauge clear or 500-foot single conductor black/white loop wire for Satellite III $89.00
35. Loop wire on wind up spool: Add $29.00

36. Rack mount carrying case with built-in wheels & telescoping handle for Satellite III and wireless microphone systems Please email us.
37. Loop wire adhesive mounting clips (set of 10) $2.95
38. Loop wire nail mounting straps (pack of 100) $5.95
39. Loop wire gaffers tape for temporary set ups 2" x 180' $19.95
40. FSM Loop Test Set field strength meter, test CD, earphones & certificates $495.00
41. CV-600 loudspeaker output to line output adapter $39.00
42. Wall Sign (as supplied with the Satellite III System) $9.95

For prices on The Multisensory Sound Lab, please email us at info@ovalwindowaudio.com

To place an order, please email us at info@ovalwindowaudio.com or call us at 303-447-3607

Ordering & Payment Terms

Prices shown do NOT include shipping.
Payment: Credit card/payment with order.
To place an order please e-mail us at info@ovalwindowaudio.com or call us at (303) 447-3607.

Warranty Information

All Oval Window Audio products are sold on a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed basis. A return authorization must be obtained and equipment must be in original condition and packaging. 

All Oval Window Audio products are sold with a three-year warranty covering parts and labor. Exceptions to this warranty include microphones, rechargeable batteries, and ear/headphones (which are guaranteed for 90 days). Warranty will be voided for equipment that has been abused, altered or operated in a manner contrary to directions contained in the User Manual. A repair authorization must be obtained for all equipment that requires servicing. 

Please call Oval Window Audio directly at 303-447-3607 to receive return an/or repair authorizations. Or e-mail us at info@ovalwindowaudio.com.

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