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Combining Vibrotactile and Visual Technology With Sound

The Multisensory Sound Lab's innovative vibrotactile and visual technologies make it possible for students, sitting or standing, to feel sound vibrations through the floor.

Multisensory Sound Lab used for speech therapyElectronically processing sound signals from microphones, musical instruments, recordings, the vibrotactile sound system directs them to loudspeakers and the special vibrating floor. The vibration technology translates sounds as follows:

  • Low pitch sounds are perceived as slow vibrations.
  • High pitch sounds are perceived as fast vibrations.
  • Intensity and rhythm information are also perceived through the vibrating floor.
  • Making Sound Visible

    Audio spectrum analyzer lets you view sound spectrums and waveformsThe Multisensory Sound Lab's Visualizer is an audio spectrum analyzer that displays the harmonic content of sound on a color TV. The spectrum analyzer's vertical bars change in location and height depending on the characteristics of the sound. The 7-foot  Lumasound Light's three banks of colored lights responds to different frequency bands and intensities of sounds
    "We are in heaven with our new Sound Lab! Our eyes filled with tears as we watched our middle school students' excitement as they experienced the new & wonderful Multisensory Sound Lab!" - California School for the Deaf, Riverside

    "Being able to experience several modes of input (auditory, tactile, visual) has allowed students with perceptual and/or learning problems the luxury of drawing up their sensory strengths, thus compensating for their weaknesses." --Alice-Ann Darrow, Ph.D., Art & Music Therapy Department, University of Kansas, Lawrence

    Accessories for the Vibrotactile Multisensory Sound Lab

    Copying auditory, tactile and visual patterns of SimonAdditional accessories for this vibrotactile multisensory experience include: Click here to read articles related to the Multisensory Sound Lab.

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