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Large area induction loops from Oval Window Audio

 Satellite III — Most Popular Large Area Induction Loop System

The Satellite III is Oval Window Audio's most popular induction loop system for large facilities such as houses of worship and auditoriums. Click here to learn how induction loop assistive listening systems work.

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Compatible with all telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants, each Satellite III induction loop system improves speech intelligibility for up to 300 people. An Induction Loop Receiver is included for monitoring the system's performance. Low-cost Induction Loop Receivers are available for hard of hearing people who do not own telecoil-equipped hearing aids. Click here to view the back of the Satellite III.

"The portable version of the Satellite III System (with wireless microphones and loop wire on a windup spool) you designed for us works perfectly and is super easy to set up! Thank you!" - Nebraska Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

"One member of our church stated she was totally amazed and could distinctly hear every word the minister spoke (he is a soft spoken person). This is the first time she was able to hear a speaker in 6 years!" - First Presbyterian Church of Hartsville, SC

"The loop system is being well received and is functioning well." - Historic Elk Rapids Township Hall, Elk Rapids, MI

For more testimonials, click here.

The Cost-Effective Hearing Assistance System

Priced below FM or infrared systems, the Satellite III is a cost-effective hearing assistance system that is ideal for churches, schools, meeting rooms, theaters, libraries and more. And, if your seating area is larger than 300 feet around, you can use additional Satellite III systems to provide adequate coverage.

Depending on planned loop dimensions, the Satellite III hearing assistance system comes complete with:

The Satellite III connects to the audio line level output of most sound systems. If this connection is not available, please click here to learn about the CV-600 loudspeaker output to line output adapter.

Click here for the Satellite III Quick Set Up Guide.

More Praise from Happy Customers

"The nicest thing since we got our loop up and running has been to see one brother, who is very hard of hearing, engaged with the Sunday morning messages again. He's pretty demonstrative when he can hear what's being said! Thanks for making a good product like this available so people like him can enjoy being a part of things." -- Mark White, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, Rochester, N.Y.

"One church member, who is very hard of hearing, said that he is able to clearly hear the service. He is very pleased. We are all pleased with the system. Thank you for your help." - Willits United Methodist Church, Willits, CA

"We are completely satisfied with many reports from the elderly that the system is functioning very well. " - Dave Peck, Gospel Chapel, Asheville, N. Carolina

"...we have installed the Satellite III in groove cut into concrete floor under carpet . . . everybody is happy, especially me with my cochlear implant! It is so easy and the sound is so clear with just a push of the button. Thanks for the support!" -Jim Nieuwstraten, Immanuel's Reformed Church, Salem, OR

"Your system worked better than others I have tried. I was not disappointed with my choice." - Peter Diachun, Youngstown Presbyterian, NY

"I have installed the Satellite III in our church and it works great! Several people in the church are much happier now that they can hear the service." -Jeff Hultquist, St. Jude's, Cupertino, CA

"The first Sunday we used the Satellite III, it was perfect! It worked both upstairs and with a wireless mike downstairs. It changed the entire complexion of my Sunday School class when three people in the class, who have struggled to hear soft-spoken people, were able to hear every word!" - Bob Williams, Oakview Community Church of God, Scio/Lebanon, OR

"Thanks for the exceptional customer service!" - Paul Berratta, Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church, Chili, NY

"The Satellite Loop has been a blessing to many of our congregation, both those who have been using the loop receivers and those who have their own T-switch hearing aids." - John Ostresh, First Baptist Church, Pittsfield, MA

"You build a great system! We have had a number of church visitors ask about our system wanting to take back info to their home churches. We are pleased with the system and happy to share our contact information." - Mark Schufletowski, Valley Unitarian, Chandler, AZ

Feel free to contact us for additional references. Just email your message to info@ovalwindowaudio.com

Every Oval Window Audio induction loop system complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act and Technical Standard IEC 60118-4.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Oval Window Audio is so confident our products will meet your needs that we give you a 30-day money- back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, simply call us at (303) 447-3607. We'll be happy to issue a replacement or a refund. 

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If you have any questions about the Satellite III large area induction loop  system, simply e-mail us directly. One of our representatives will get back to you promptly. Just  e-mail your message to info@ovalwindowaudio.com

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